Deniz Tuzcuoğlu

 Since  the  very  begining  of  human  race  existense  in  the  world , they  are apt  to  express themselves  by  grafititi  on  the  walls  of  the  caves  instinctly  by  drawing  pictures  of immediate  happinings  arround  them or  challenges  in gathering  food  stuffes  at his vicinity in utmost  security  at  a  none  familiare  surrounding nature . All  these  most   likely the  best  expressive  findings  of  our  ancesters  in  earliest  perıods  of  the  survival  strugle in  the   beginning  of  human  age .At  the  periods  of  renaissence in art  history  yields  excellent  master  piecesses  in  top quality  even  in  fake or  contrefitable trials were none feasable in the  years  of   ages .

Art  history  are enriched  with  numerous  products of  early  trials  of  artists  in years therefore  all these  effords  enriched   the  art of  peinture in  thema , colores , materials and  style  those are all tried . Aplication  of all  above  combinations  provided  in time resulted  in very  special  an   end – product  of  “ Mixed  Technic “  that  eased up  the effords  of  the  painter- artist .

In this  21 century ,  in our  satellite as an art follower in sharing  my  products hopeing  your

visual  perception  be  transfered  into  a gracefull  image  in mind .


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